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Want to embed a Video chat on your website? Meet people with your own live podcast by adding a simple line in your web pages! You can broadcast video to other social media places like youtube and stream yourself live by interactive video broadcasting.

Stream Live!

Invite as many people as you like for a live party, meeting or global PODCast!

You'll be able to PODCast Immediately after successful registraion.

Place a Video Stream of You at a concert Live with a simple Embedded HTML String anywhere on your website!

Add different video and audio feeds to your differrent web pages.

Invite people to join you live with a simple click allowing high quality and full screen video meetings.

Connect one to one anytime, anywhere.

After registration you'll be sent the information to broadcast live within minutes.

You can password protect your sensitive meetings, only allowing the authorized to join, keeping information private from other prying eyes.

Share a video you have recorded on your phone or elsewhere with everybody watching your conference feed at the same time.

Create as many streams as you like! Set up a family meeting, create a business conference and have as many business members join as needed.

Your conference room meetings are end-to-end encrypted by choice.

Create a podcast of a birthday parrty, connect and stream it to directly to YouTube(or others), then let everybody know about it to begin streaming live around the world in your own website PODCast!

Have a person that needs to be involved with the meeting on the road or without access to video?, not a problem, they can dial in and not miss a thing.

Paid subscribers can directly dial anyone anywhere in the world, while in the meeting having them inside to give comments or answer questions.

Recording meetings is disabled and is an option for subscribers.

Don't speak French or any different language? Not a problem, web subscribers can call or have the person in France join your meeting and have everything the person says transcribed directly to you, your words back for them as well.

There is no need for the people that are going to join in to view, listen or comment at your video casts to register, just let them know where you're at..

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